Increasing Cooperation Between Civil Initiative And The Sectors In Peipsi Region
(2008 – 2010)

The goal is to increase the involvement of the population in the Peipsi region (this is: the three counties neighboring the Peipsi Lake) to participate in the activities of civil initiative and so, to increase the development of civil society in the given region.

The Peipsi Information Center (Peipsi Infokeskus) has during the time of its activity and according to its goals, always been a center of free associations and also a distributor of the ideas of civil initiative; with the given project its institutional position will be strengthened. The Peipsi Information Center is engaging new members and volunteers, the leadership structure will be renewed and the financial capability will be improved.

To reach the goals of the project, trainings and information days are planned for the representatives of the sectors of the three counties in Peipsi region, the strategic activity plan of the organization will be developed; in order to gather and distribute information better, the website of the Peipsi Information Center will be updated, an publication will be given out as well as the database of the free associations of the region will be supplemented.

The project is supported by the Foundation of Civil Society (SA Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital):

The Environmental Awareness Program 2008 Of Peipsi Information Center

The general goal of the project was to raise the environmental awareness among the pupils and the population of the Peipsi region.

Direct goals:

  • To raise the awareness of the pupils towards environmental problems;
  • To engage pupils in events and organizing these;
  • To introduce home region’s nature and sights.

To reach the goals a survey/research was conducted among the population of the Peipsi region, in order to find out, which is the environmental knowledge – also – suggestions for region’s environmental protection and organizing a better local ground maintenance.

To engage the local population, art and handicraft workshops and environmental evenings were organized, as well as an educational trip to the most beautiful places of the region.

The project was supported by the Center of Environmental Investments (Keskonnainvesteeringute Keskus):